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Hi There, Still got Portuguese learning on your mind?

 Hi There,

Still got Portuguese learning on your mind? 

Here’s another chance to test out the award-winning Rocket Portuguese courses for yourself.

That's right. You can test-drive a trial version of Rocket Portuguese for FREE.

Just click the link below:

All you have to do is enter your name and email address—no credit card details required! Then you'll be well on your way to mastering a new language. You've got nothing to lose.

So, what's so great about Rocket Portuguese?

First, let’s look at the biggest myths of language learning.

Myth #1: It's impossible to learn a language fast.

That’s true. For most mere mortals, it's simply not possible to achieve native-level fluency in a few weeks or months. 

However, with Rocket Portuguese, you CAN achieve conversational fluency.

Conversational fluency is the ability to communicate in the real world. You can have conversations, ask and answer questions, offer and receive help, and even crack a few jokes every now and then—all in Portuguese!

When you have conversational fluency, your vocabulary might be small, but you know enough to communicate effectively.

Myth #2: It's much easier to learn a language as a child.

This is called the Critical Period Hypothesis: During childhood, your brain is open to absorbing linguistic information. If you don't learn a second language as a child, your wiring shuts off, and you're out of luck.

Well, in the last 50 years, scientists have poked big holes in that theory. These days, a number of studies prove that adults can actually learn FASTER than children!

Think about it. Adults know much more about the world. They understand that languages work according to certain “rules.” And they can put new information into context. These skills develop over time—children just don't get that stuff!

Rocket Portuguese is specially tailored for adult learners.

Myth #3: The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in a foreign culture.

Immersion is a very trendy concept when it comes to language learning, but you don't need to leave the country to surround yourself with Portuguese. In fact, total in-country immersion has serious drawbacks, like not being able to get proper feedback.

These days, there are plenty of ways to simulate immersion while receiving crucial feedback and support. We live in a digital age where endless resources are a single click away.

Rocket Portuguese has all the native Portuguese audio you need, coupled with plain English instruction and honest, accurate feedback.

Here's what another happy learner had to say about Rocket Languages courses:

"I always wanted to learn Spanish. I have many occasions each year that I need to communicate with Spanish customers. I learned about Rocket Spanish on YouTube and signed up for the 6-day free trial. After four lessons, I was so impressed with my learning curve I signed up. Now I am on my way!"

John Daily. Dallas, Pennsylvania, United States

To join John and discover just how well Rocket Portuguese will work for you, click the link below:

Happy learning!