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Remember, our Food Waste Heroes (FWH) are not funded and cover their own expenses to collect food, which they then give to you for free. Unfortunately, FWH are dropping out because they can no longer afford the petrol and travel expenses to collect food. Let's help them.

Most FWH pay up to £5.00 in travel costs each time they collect food. They receive no government funding and no pay from Olio; all expenses come out of their own pockets. This means that 8 million people are giving their time and money to help the public. Our goal is to distribute 1 billion food parcels monthly without any funding. So yes, there will be adverts on this blog and the posts to help cover costs.

Personally, I spend £60.00 per month just on travel, not including the food I buy at the end of the day. I have to take the next week off because I have run out of money. Millions more people worldwide are having to take breaks too because they can no longer afford to collect food.

So next time you collect food, please show up and do not abuse the Olio volunteers or the companies donating food. Before you claim food, ask yourself one question: Do I really need this £1.25 loaf of bread, or do I know a family that needs it more?

Are kids going to school hungry because I took food I didn't really need? Other stores and members of the public also give good food.

How You Can Help:

  • Donate: Help cover travel expenses for FWH.
  • Volunteer: Join the team to share the load.
  • Be Mindful: Take only what you need to ensure others don’t go hungry.

Impact of Your Support:

  • With your help, I will give two lucky families a food box with enough food to last three months. This food will be fruits and vegetables that may need cooking that day, then can be placed in the freezer as ready meals. These can be steamed or cooked in an air fryer; I personally prefer the steamer. This will be done for two families daily, and other FWH heroes will be able to do the same with proper training.

When I cook, I divide the meals into 10-20 containers and freeze them. As I always say, "I was starving before I found Olio." Not anymore.

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