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First Impressions of Bengaluru, India 🇮🇳 2023


Bengaluru, Bangalore - India -

My first real impressions of Bengaluru, India. Wow what a fascinating and rising city in so many different ways. Bengaluru has a growing population of over 12 million people and is the tech capital city of India with comparison to Silicon Valley. Today, I try many local foods and eat my way through the city. In my opinion Indian cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. You have to try the amazing indian food while traveling through Bangalore. The Lalbagh Botanical Garden, also known as Lalbagh, is one of the most famous and iconic botanical gardens India. It is located in the heart of Bangalore and is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. It was inspired by London's Crystal Palace and has rock formations that feature unique geological formations of granite rocks that are over 3 billion years old. These rock formations provide a beautiful backdrop to the garden and add to its natural charm. As a foreigner the best way to explore is by just walking and eating your way through the city! Food tour in Bangalore is my version of exploring! So far in India I love all the food, even the spicy food is good to me, a foreigner who likes spicy food? yes sign me up,
Native Ty. Join me on this tasty food tour in the capital of Karnataka, Bangalore! India! INDIAN FOOD TOUR IN BANGALORE, KARNATAKA 🇮🇳 Foreigner has a food tour in bangalore, india chapters 00:00 Bangalore Tech City 1:01 Eating Banana Ice Cream Pudding 4:00 Indian Cheese Paratha 8:34 Local shops of Bangalore 14:08 Donating Shoes??? 17:38 Lalbagh Botanical Garden 19:38 Coconut Nectar Drink 24:28 SNAKE in Botanical Garden 26:26 No Wife, Happy Life ?!?!?

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