From Teapot Served The Ultimate Comfort Food of Afghanistan In Balkh 🇦🇫

 For centuries, "chainaki" has been the ultimate comfort food for Afghans during harsh winters and, in recent decades, a culinary escape to simpler, happier times amid violence.

There is a specific method to having the "chainaki", a wholesome meat soup made in a teapot, called “chainak” in the Afghan language of Dari. First, you take the giant naan that comes with every serving and break it into tiny pieces; fill your bowl with as many as you like. Then, you open your teapot filled with a deep red-orange lamb soup made with tomatoes, onions, fat, and spices, cooked over a slow fire, and pour it over the bread. Would you try this? 0:00 - Local lunch with the kids in Balkh 20:51 - Taliban-controlled Haji Piyada Mosque