Crazy Indian Fish Market in Chennai 🇮🇳

CHENNAI, INDIA - I'm in the coastal city of Chennai, India and I'll be exploring the famous Chennai Fish Market "Vanagaram Fish Market". This fish market is the biggest in Chennai and the state of Tamil Nadu which has a population of 72 million. The population of Chennai is just over 10 million as of June 2023. On my flight from New Delhi I met a local Tamil man and he gave me a few recommendations on what to do and where to go. He told me about a bustling local fish market with lots of energy that would be a great place to go during my visit in Tamilnadu. He told me the best time to go would be around 7-10 am and that they get the fish overnight from the Kasimedu Harbor. The next morning while fighting my jet lag and the tropical indian heat I got up and quickly ordered a Tuk Tuk Uber Taxi to the Chennai Fish Market. After a chaotic journey from the city center of T. Nagar I was ready to explore the market. I met many interesting characters and most importantly the friendly Tamil locals of Chennai. The Knife guys were my favorite and I hope to go back soon with a translator so I can speak to the famous Indian Knife Man. Prepare yourself for India's most famous Fish Market in Chennai!

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