What Does £20 Donation Get.

What Does £20 Donation Get.

 1. £4.00 Daily Bus Fare To Pick Up Food

2. £4.00 Daily Food Bag, No Idea whats In The Bag Till I Pick Up, 

3. £5.00 Payment Towards Gas, Cooking and Heating

4. £5.00 Payment Towards Electric , Lighting and Cooking

5. £2.00 Left For Other Expenses.

£15 Donation Daily, Would Be Needed To Pay People Rent, Minimum, Some People Pay £60 Daily For Rent, I Will Not Help These People, They Need Move To Cheaper Parts of the Country. Just Like My Parents Had To . These High Rents Are Asked By Greedy Landlords, We Need Put These People Out Of Business.

£20.00 Donation Most Important Saves Lives. The Above Will Go To A Vunerable Person.

Donations can be sent via paypal, raymond_duggan@sky.com. 

I Can Pay For Food Bags Via Paypal, all donations will go to above list, other expenses will cover paypal fees, you can check these in paypal.

All food with a use by date of the day collected, will have to be used or frozen that day, making it best before date.

best before date means food is safe to eat after this date, just the quality of the food may go down.

all food given is stored at 4c or frozen at -18c.

This is Food, From Tesco, Morrisons, Spar, One Stop, Go Local, and Members of The Public.

I Pick Up Weekly From Tesco, Watch The Blog For Items Picked Up .

If You Need Work Ask Me, Can Be As Little as 30 Minutes Per Day.

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