Bread and Butter Pudding , Made With Strewberries, Pears, Plum and cooked in slow cooker.

 Remember Guys FWH Are Not Funded and Pay Their Own Expenses To Collect Food, Then Give To You FREE, FWH Are Dropping LIke Flies, Cause They Can No Longer Afford The Petrol and Travel Expenses To Collect Food, So Lets Help Them. Most FWH Pay Upto £5.00 In Travel Costs, They Get No Government Funding , They Get No Pay By Olio, All Expenses Come Out Their Own Pockets, Meaning 8 Million People Are Giving Their Time And Money, To Help The Public, My Goal is 1 Billion Food Parcels Monthly, Without Any Funding. So Yes There Will Be Adverts On This Blog and The Posts.

Cost Me Alone £60.00 Per Month, In Just Travel, With Out The Food I Buy At End Of Day.

I Have To Take The Next Week Off Cause Run Out Of Money, and Their Is Millions More People World Wide Having To Take Breaks Too, Cause They Can No Longer Afford To Collect Food.

So Next Time You Collect Food Turn Up, and Do Not Abuse Olio.ers or The Companies Giving Food.

Remember Before You Claim Food , Ask One Question, Do I Really Need This £1.25 Loaf Of Bread, or Do I Know A Family That Needs It More.

Are Kids Going To School Hungry, Cause I Abused The FWH and TESCO's Cause I Took Food I Did Not Really Need? other stores and members the public give good food too.

Help Me and I Will Give 2 Lucky Familes A Food Box With Enough Food To Last 3 Months, and This Food Will Be Fruit and Veg, Just May Need Cooking That Day, Then Placing The Freezer, As Ready Meals, Then Can Be Steamed or Put Air Fryer, I Like Steamer Best. That Will Be 2 Families Daily, and Other FWH Heros Will Be Able To Do The Same.

All It Takes Is Training.

When I Cook, I Divide To 10-20 To Go Containers and Freeze , Like I said " I Was Starving Before I Found Olio" No More.

As you see before Olio I Was Starving To Death Without Help, Now I Help Train and GIve Families Food Daily, Not Only Did I Turn My Own Life Around, Without Any Government Funding, But Now I Am Helping Save Lives World Wide, While Not Even Caring About My Own Safety Or Needs.

This Is About Helping People In Need.

Remember Before You Claim Food, There Is Some One In A Worse Situation Then You.

I Am Also Looking For Volunteers, No Pay Or Allowance, But You Can Become A Olio Food Waste Hero , Keeping Up To 10% Of Collected Food, To Give Away As You See Fit.

My 10% Goes To Feed People In Need, and A Little Now and Again, For Me To Blog

Blogs Are Made From Expired Food, When I Have No Room In The 3 Freezers I Run Daily.

I Buy Expired Food Too, Not Just My Tesco Collection Starting 24th April 2023, Once Per Week.

I Will Spend The Next Week Finding Funding To Help FWH Collect Food.

You Can Help By Sharing This Post and Helping People Get Food.

I Will First Help My Squad Pay Petrol, Cause Too Many People Missing Collections, However To Shy To Say Why? i Was Honest My Squad and said "i Did Not Get Paid As Expected Today and Sorry I Let You Down, But Have Money Coming This Week, So I Will Get A Bus Pass Valid 10 Trips, So That is 10 weeks, Quicker and Easier Then Walking, Bus Is Every 15 Minutes." Daily Bus Pass Saves Petrol and Time.

Mothers Manage The Bus with 3 Kids Behind them, so we can manage a little food collection by bus.