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This Is Spar Too Good To Go Magic Bags, Please Visit Blog For More
I Need Donations Of £6.00 Daily To Get Bags, These Are Then Split and Given To 2-3 Families, As Bags Are Limited. All I Do Is Collect Food Bags Daily From Around North East Lincolnshire. Using Public Transport. Donations Please PAYM = 0739 111 69 39 PAYPAL = or +44 739 111 6939 Please Donate Just £5.00 This Will Cover Most Too Good To Go Bags. I Do This Free As I Have No Income Or Work, I Got These Bags By Maxing Out A Credit Card, It Will Now Take Me 7 Years To Pay Off £200.00 Worth Of Bags. i Get Paid A Little By Google Every 6 Months By People Visiting My Website By Google Please Share Forward, Lots Of People Need Help Right Now.