Join Our Food Drive ! 23rd March 2023 - 9th April 2023. Let's Give Family Food For Easter.


Check Out Our Facebook Group , For Daily Food.
Plus Maybe Household Items.

You Are Never Alone
One Text Is All It Takes.

All Items Will Have A Best Before Date
Meaning Food Can Be Eaten After This Date.

Any Food With A Use By Date, Must Be Used or Frozen Before 23.59 On The Day Of Collection.
No Collection Of Food Will Be Allowed Of Food After The Use By Date.

All Frozen Food Must Be Stored Below -18c
All Chilled Food Must Be Stored Below 4c

Always Follow The Label

Always Make Sure Food Is Hot All They Way Through

Any Food Frozen On The Day, Would Have A Use By Date Of The Day Frozen.
Making The Day Frozen In To The Best Before Date.

Always Cook & Eat Defrosted Food Stored In The Fridge With In 24 Hours.

Food That Has Been Left Out More Then 90 Minutes , Must Not Be Refrozen, But Stored In Fridge and Used With In 24 Hours. Or Cooked, Chilled , Then Frozen. 

All Chilled Food Must Be Placed Back In Fridge Within 2 Hours
All Frozen Food Back In Freezer With In 90 Minutes, If More , Store In Fridge At The Bottom , Then Use With In 24 Hours.

Always Follow Government Guidelines , Plus Any Product Recalls.

Never Put Lids On Hot Food. Always Make Sure Hot Food Is Cold Before Placing Fridge or Freezer.
Unless You Have A Professional Food Chiller.

Food That Has Been ON Display or Out For More Then 2 Hours, Must Be Destroyed.

Please Share This Forward, 8 Billion People Need Help Worldwide Right Now.

Also Register Our Group, Then Set Up Your Own Local Collection , Plus Giving Network.

Just Send Me Text Message , I Will Teach You How.
Always Check Local Councils Guidelines , Plus Required Laws.

Never Give Out Food Past It's Use By Date Unless Frozen On Use By Date.

Always Follow Local Laws , Plus Guidelines.

Always Read The Label On The Packaging

Cooking Times Are Only Guidelines .
Each Cooking Device Will Take Its Own Time.

If Using Air Fryer 
Follow Instructions For Fan Ovens.