I Can Help !

 Raymond Duggan

18A Kennedy Way
DN40 2AE

Whats App +44 739 111 6939

For Now Items Can Be Dropped My HOuse , As No Winter Clothing or Shoes
To Leave House.

This Is How I Got started , Begging For Footwear and Winter Clothing.

We Have 736 Volunteers In The North East Lincs Area

All Items Are Given FREE , Then Posted By Ambassodors and Volunteers Online,

Food Items Go With In Minutes, Making Sure Used by Date and Best Before Date.



PS: I Feel Like Job Centre Grimsby, Have Placed Me Under House Arrest,
This Is Now In The Hands Of prime Ministers Office and Human Rights

Job Centre Have Failed To Keep Phone Appointments 3 Times and Now
Refusing To Have Any Connection with Me.

This Is Now In The Hands Of Human Rights Lawyerrs LOndon Aswell.

Whats App +44 739 111 6939

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