Bag 2 . 25-3-2023. Cooplands Too Good To Go Bag.

Again £3.00 Per Bag Instead Of £9.00
The Food Would Of Cost £12.00 ish.

I Am Going To Be So Fat.

3 Months Before Olio and Too Good To Go 
I Was Starving To Death

Now I Spend Pennies On Food

Plus Get FREE Food, From The Other Agents.

Like The Other Agents Take The Free Food From Me
But If I See Agents, Then I Limit Them To 2 or 3 Items.

Any Thing That Does Not Get Collected
Go To The Homeless
Plus Those Idetified As Hungry Needing Help.

If You Need Help, Send Me Message

Do Not Do , What I Was Doing Starving Alone.

Now I Have In Access Of 2.4 Billion People Helping Me.

No i In Team.

Build Your Local Community Today.

I Will Train You All, 

Anywhere In The World

I Paid For These Bags, But Most The Bags Are Free.

This IS NOT FREE Food.

I Buy These Bags At Up To £5.00 A Time


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