Tower Compact Air Fryer 2L

 Product Description

Tower Compact Air Fryer 2L.

Cook some delightful chips at home with this fabulous fryer.

Using 1000W of power, the fryer has a temperature control ranging up to 200°C. Rapid air circulate system cooks fast and saves energy.

Includes a 30 minute manual timer and automatic shut off.


Power: 1000W

Temperature Control

Healthy Cooking Uses Little or No Oil

Fast Cooking

Overheat Protection

FYI: If You Take In To The Living Room - Dining Room and Place On Dining Table On Heat Proof Mate, The Back Of The Air Fryer Gives Out Heat, So Use This To Heat The Room You Are Eating In.

Keeping Away From Walls and Curtains, and On Heat Proof Service.

Not Only Is It A Cooker, But Also 1000 Watt Heater , Only Do This While Cooking. Keeping A Eye On It.

Keep Fire Blacket Near It, Just In Case. Just Like We Have In Professional Kitchens.

Use Air Fryer As The New Microwave, How Ever, You Can Use Foil In Air Fryer.

Treat It Exacty The Same As A Oven, Use Oven Proof Dishes , For stews, Casseroles, Curries Etc.

Always Use A Lid With Liquids.

If You Are Smart, You Can Cook In The Room You Are Eating In.
Instead Of Wasting The Cooking Power, Use To Heat Your Room.

Keeping Away From Curtains and Table Mats.
Always Use Fire Sense.