Very Simple Maths Guys, Why You Finding Sharing and Helping Each Other So Hard?

Why Do You Think Companies Go In To Malls and Shopping Centres? 

Day 1 =10x10=100 
Day 2=100*10=1000 
Day 3 =1000*10=10000 
Day 4 = 10000*10=100000 
Day 5 = 100000*10=1000000 
Day 6 = 1000000*10=10000000 
Day7 = 10000000*10=1000000000 

 That Is The Numbers After Only 7 Days Why Is The World In Poverty? 

 That Would Give Me £130000 Per Month, To Help Families In Need, That Family, Could Be Your Own, and Imagine How Many jobs I Make? 

Delivery Drivers Packers Security Checkers Fund Raisers Managers. 

 So Why Are You People Letting Your Own Familes and Friends, Die In Poverty? 

 20000 Companies UK Alone Gone Bust 2022, 

Another 3 Just In My Shopping Centre Close In january, 

My Town Does Not Even Have A Bank or Post Office Now. 

 All It Takes Is For You Very Selfish and uncaring People To Share. 

 You Want Our Money, But Refuse To Help Us Or Your Neighbours, 

With No Heat or Electric and No Data, 

How Do People Sign Up For Your Latest Scam. 

 I For One Have No MOney, 

I Am Now In The Situation, Where I Do Not Even Have Cloths To Wear, Gas to Heat , Electric To Cook,

 No Money To Buy Food, and You Lot Want Me Upgrade To Your Latest Scam? 

 Please Explain How With No Money, I Expect to Be Dead By Christmas or Easter, and That Will Be Frozen To Death. 

 Millions More Will Be The Same By Easter, 

All Because You People Are To Selfish To Care. 

 Amazes Me How You Read Daughter In Law , Knew Her Father In Law Had No Money, Cause DWP stopped His Money, 

Yet She Let Him Starve? 

 She Could Have Signed On On Line, and Got Any Online Food Supplier To Send Him a £40 Food Order,

 Maybe Less , 

If You Pay The Minimum Basket Charge. £20 Per Month, 

Could Feed A Family of 4 For At Least A Month.

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