Do Not Click This For 35 Credits, Click Because You Want To Save A Life.

 Do Not Click This For 35 Credits, Click Because You Want To Save A Life.

No Money, No Friends, No Family. No Job, No Support.

Using FREE Wifi.

I Paid My Last £40 For Lifetime Membership Here, So I Can At Least Post Daily, 

Trying To Get Help (this is really is not a scam and urgent appeal for life)

My Rent Was Paid During Summer, Meaning I Have About 8 Weeks Left In My Home. 

This Really Is Serious, I Do Not Have Friends Or Family To Fall Back On.

I Am A 57 Year Old Single Male.

I Got Sick Friends and Family Ran. Rather Then Helping Me.

Click This Post Only Cause You Want To Stop A 57 Year Old Man, Freezing or Starving To Death.

While You People Refuse To Help Me and Watching Me Die Begging Online, I Will Not Click Your Fake List.

If You People Are Prepared To Let Other Humans Freeze and Starve To Death, You Are Not People , I Want To Employ or Do Business With.

I Am Very Real and Trying To Save My Life

My Info

Raymond Duggan

18A Kennedy Way


DN40 2 AE


United Kingdom

Mobile : +44 739 111 6939 Whatsapp Only.

Paypal= or +44 739 111 6939

PAYM = Raymond Duggan 07391116939, via UK banking app, Free and Instent.

Immingham Town Council 

Reception Number : 01469 727272 (if you think i am scamming,) They Provided Food Parcel In October, The Day After My Neighbour Died On 3rd October, He Was Found Dead By His Adult Daughter.

This Is Not A Joke and A Urgent Appeal For Life, I Have Wrote County Council Plus Prime Ministers Office, Who Has Refered Me.

With Out Urgent Help , I Will Freeze Or Starve To Death Before The End Of Winter.

I Am Already Deaf , Blind One Eye, 5.5 Other Eye, Caused By Lack Of Food and Heat.

I Can Not Get Unemployment Benifit, Cause I Do Not Meet The Requirements, Due Unable To Attend Job Centre Interview, I Am Unable To Travel. or Even Carry 2 Bags of Shoppong Home.

Traveling Would Cause Me Too Much Distress.

You Can Help Me. By Visiting and Sharing My Website, Plus Clicking Banner Adverts, Nothing To Register For . Just Visit and Read The Blogs, This Is How I Live.

This Is Not A Joke or Game, This Is A 57 Year Old Man Trying Very Hard To Save His Own Life.

I Have A Home, But Can Not Afford To Run It, Too Sick To Work or Travel.

Please I Am Begging Help Me, Share This, This Is Very Real.

We Might Be Old , But We Are Still Human and With Feelings.

Do You Know What It Is Like Waking Up Every Morning , Knowing No One Cares? or Even If You Will Wake Up At All.

I Ask This Question Every Night, Will I Die Tonight of Freezing or Starvation, This Really Is No Joke or Computer Game, This is a 57 Year Old Man, Trying Very Hard To Save His Own Life, While People Claim to Be Making 6 Numbers Online.

So Why Not Give Me a Job Or Help?