Just click The Link Here. I am Done Getting Scammed Daily On LIne

https://paypal.me/donationkidswifi?country.x=GB&locale.x=en_GB       Just Right click The Link Here Open New Window, . I am Done Getting Scammed Daily On LIne, Leaving Me No Money Food Or Heat, and My Data Was Paid For A Year In Advance, To Make Sure I Could Get Online. You Can Donate £20 or Place Advert. and I will Send To 2000 People, That Is Penny Each Person, Help A Poor Starving Man Out Here, I am done screaming for help and living alone.


You Can Place £20 Advert, You Decide
No More Scams, Just Honest
I Need Food & Rent.

All Payments Direct To Companies

Gas = Gas Company
Electric = Electric Company
Rent = Direct Landlord
Council Tax = Council
Food = Direct Home Delivery , Company My Choice and One Per Month

This Is Set Amounts, No Matter One Person Or 4 You Get The Market Rate
which i set, so do not google it.

I Will Need Copies Of Lease and Utilitiy Bills
Plus Council Tax Bill.

Zero Abuse and Capped Amounts
this is not scamming the british tax payer, like the British Welfare System
looking only after the rich. while the poor die.

The Payment Not Cover Rent or Bills, Then Move .
just like my parents had to.

Payments Will Show As Raymond Duggan
which is my sole trader name

Cheques Can Be Crossed and Made Payable To
Raymond Duggan
18A Kennedy Way
DN40 2AE

UTR 37435 89133