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UN says civilians in Gaza feel abandoned, as only 'crumbs' of aid get in

  1. The top UN official providing aid to Palestinian refugees in Gaza says people there "feel shunned, alienated and abandoned"
  2. Aid trucks that have been allowed in through an Egyptian crossing point so far have provided only "crumbs", says UNRWA chief Phillippe Lazzarini
  3. Asked by the BBC, he also denied Hamas had stolen UN fuel; Israel has blocked fuel supplies from entering but accuses Hamas of stockpiling it
  4. Earlier Israel said it had conducted targeted raids in the central area of the Gaza Strip and struck dozens of Hamas targets
  5. The Israel Defense Forces said Shadi Barud, the deputy head of Hamas's intelligence arm, was killed in an operation
  6. The number of hostages kidnapped from Israel and held by Hamas in Gaza has also been updated to 229
  7. More than 1,400 people were killed in the initial attacks on Israel by Hamas on 7 October
  8. The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza says 7,000 people have been killed there - 40% of whom are children - and the WHO says it believes the figures are reliable

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