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Israel-Hamas war live news: Gaza under ‘non-stop bombardment’ AFP

This is how things stand right now

This is how things stand right now as the Israel-Hamas war enters its third day:

  • The death toll has surpassed 1,100 in Israel and Gaza, as more than 100,000 Israel troops are currently amassing at the border to prepare for a possible ground offensive.
  • There are at least seven areas where the Israeli military is still battling Palestinian fighters.
  • Israel says it secured control of Sderot police station, but several points along the wall with Gaza remain open.
  • Israeli air raids have struck more residential buildings in Gaza.
  • Lebanon’s Hezbollah has claimed responsibility for an attack on an Israeli military post in Shebaa Farms. Israel says it responded.
  • A division head and army major among 26 Israeli soldiers confirmed to have been killed by Palestinian fighters.