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Exploring Bazaar Extreme Travel Afghanistan - Would You Dare To Do This In Kabul? 🇦🇫

 Inside Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan 🇦🇫 Since I started to travel and explore Asia, Afghanistan has always been my dream country. The movies I have watched and the books I have read about Afghanistan have built dreamy expectations in my head of the country that I would not be able to experience anywhere else.

My visit did not disappoint - Afghanistan was time travel from bustling & unorganized bazaars, street shaves, same clothing in different colors, no brands, magnificent landscapes, and the bravest people with the biggest hearts of hospitality. In my trip, we covered Mazar-i-Sharif, Kabul & Bamyan. Visiting Afghanistan is a sensitive topic for many people. As in any country I go to, the main objective is to share the day-to-day life and spotlight the ordinary people that the mass media fail to capture. No matter how you feel about my trip, here is my summary. Despite facing significant challenges, Afghanistan has many positive aspects that deserve recognition: diverse landscapes, rich history, warm hospitality, delicious cuisine, resilient people, and more! Safety: This was the biggest concern of many people I have talked to, and naturally, that has been the main worry when you enter a war-torn country over the last 40 years. With the takeover of the Taliban, the country is much safer than before; at least no conflicts are going on. My Persian surname, which is the same as the current supreme leader of the Taliban, my cultural background, being a man with a +3 years long beard, and looking like one of the locals do not qualify me to talk about safety much when it comes to being a tourist. I had a significant advantage, considering the above. Disclaimer: This is not a travel advisory. Afghanistan has a government that has not been recognized by any country, with no embassies and international relations. I am a professional traveler who explored the country with an organized guide. 0:00 - Exploring Bazaar; 8:18 - Getting into minor trouble with the Taliban; 16:03 - Looking for a street shave; 19:47 - Street shave in Kabul. ________________________________________ Quit my corporate job in September 2021 to chase new destinations and document my life. I am following my passion for creating experience-driven travel videos with a human touch.