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How To Use Your Gas Central Heating.


 1. Put Heating On Only 30 Minutes

2. Set Thermostat 18-20c

3. Set Raditor Valves (trv) To 3 20c

4. Go To Boiler, If Combi Boiler, Set Water To 45c , Heating To 50c, The Heating at 50c Is Called The Flow Rate, People Never Talk About The Flow Rate.

When I Put My Heating On 30 Minutes Daily, It Does Not Even Register A Unit.

When I Put On Timer, 23 Hours 45 Minutes At 18c , Meaning The Heating Comes Once Heating Below 18c, Meaning Keeps House At 18c , 24 Hours Per Day , I Use 4-5 Units Per Day.

You Set Your Thermostat, What Is Good For You.

You Really Only Need Your Heating On 30 Minutes Morning , When You Get Up, and 30 Minutes Before Bed.

You Do Not Need To Have Radiator Valves On 5 30c, You Are Just Wasting Heat and Gas,

No Need To Use The Timer Either, You Just Put Your Heating On 30 Minutes Per Time.

Set All Radiators At 3, and Leave Alone, and Watch Your Heating Bill Drop.

Also Wear Layers, Do Not Sit Around The House In Your Underwear.

Layer Up.

So £1.10 Per Day or £5.50 Per Day, You Decide. 


Leave Valves Open At 5 and Peak Flow 80c and Maximum Water, Then £24.00 Per Day, You Decide.

Down To You To Control Your Heating and Electric, Not Down To The Tax Payer To Pay For Your Luxury Lifestyles. Jobs Not Benefit, Time To Take Responsibilty For Your Own Lives.

20000 Companies Closed In UK In 2022, Cause They Failed To Recruit New Staff.

I Being One, I Am Not Going To Fail In 2023, and I Will Start Again.