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What Do Donations Pay For ?

  1. Donation's Help People In Destitution not going to help people live a luxury life style. 2. Gas (Heating) 3. Electric (Lighting) 4. Rent (Capped) if it not cover your rent, then move just like my parents had too. 5. Food ( Capped) will not be living on fish and chips and take away Be a Food Parcel To Sustain Life, Not Luxury. Wage Slips Bank Statement Copies Rent Gas Electric Food Order Will Be Placed By Me To The Families House. I Will Also Give The Whole Family Over 13 Years Old, The Offer Of Job. Will Also Check Benefits You Can Claim. This Will Not Be Abused Like The British Welfare System is. Rich People Get Help, Those in Destituition Get Thrown To The Curb. If You Can Not Give, Then Just Share This Post Please. 2.72 Million Families Got Sanction In March 2022 by Corrupt Job Centre Staff & Corrupt So Called Medical Assesors. Taking £209 Million Out Of The World Economy Weekly. Resulting 16000 Companies , Just The Uk Closing. Disabilities Limit The Work You Can Do It